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There are only a couple of things that feel better than a Blowjob from a Beautiful Japanese woman

07/19/2020 12:28

There are very few things that feel better than when a stunning voluptuous beauty hold your hands while riding you, maybe Japanese Blowjob is one of those things.

David Garcia is an All-American gentleman who marries a different woman in her early 20s every 5 years and loses a great deal of his wealth to her during divorce but it seems not matter much to him.

The current wife of David Garcia has a habit of reading books before she gets to sleep. David is a self-proclaimed master in the art of tantric sex. They don’t switch the lights off while making love; She reads a book sitting on his cock each night.

David went to the Republic of China a couple of decades ago to learn Mantak Chia’s sexual practices by the man himself, personally.

David claims to have had sex with thousands of women belonging to 200 tribes. He says it is weird how the women belonging to some specific tribes take a nap right after fucking while the women belonging to other tribes with other specific traits get more energetic right after a sexual session.

David says that he is happy that never before the world had seen so many big-boobed MILFs walking around the streets showing their deep cleavages.

David says that village women in any part of the world are more kinky and freaky than the city women in any part of the world.

David is not a historian, archaeologist or conspiracy theorist, but he firmly believes that half of South Indians are lost tribes of Israel.

He meets random sexy women and inserts his tied long beard inside their dirty holes

07/18/2020 12:34

Hannah Bowman says that sex with a BBC without a condom gives her tremors each time, especially in the missionary position. She adds that sex with a condom doesn’t do it for her, no matter what position, no matter how big the dick is.

Hannah believes that 30-35 is the peak age of sexual peak for both men and women.

Hannah met her husband at a school where they both went to learn programming. She says that the school sucked and after the school would be over, the fellow female students would suck the dicks of their fellow male students.

Hannah’s husband – Matt, has a long beard, she ties it and take it in both her dirty holes. He gets to meet sexy women on a regular and she can’t care less.

Hannah and Matt, both enjoy dirty talk more than the sex itself; Her biggest idol is Mindi Mink and his is Lance Hart.

Hannah and Matt regularly participate in secret annual sex competitions.

Matt says that meeting these random women has made him conclude that his wife Hannah is the most dynamic woman in the bed and nobody can replace her for him.

Both Matt and Hannah claim to have learnt more during these group orgies than watching porn movies for decades.

Hannah believes that playing flute was the secret behind Indian God – Krishna’s unbeatable sexual prowess. The man had thousands of wives and made to all of them regularly, which seems not possible for even a man who suffers with chronic priapism. She made her husband, Matt, to learn to play the flute to have the same sexual prowess.

Brave and Rebellious Indian-American worked as an Escort to Payback her country of origin

07/18/2020 11:53

Nithya is an Indian-American lady who was born in the family of engineers. Both her parents used to work at the IBM, now they have retired.

It is an irony that being from the family of engineers, Nithya failed her high school examinations twice. After that, she stopped going to the school and started working as a salesperson for a home security system company. She would go door to door to sell the home security systems. Being a very charming and beautiful girl, Nithya was able to sell those even though most local people of Delaware have a bad image about the Indians.

At the age of 20, Nithya moved out with her long-time boyfriend and ex-schoolmate. Both have several common hobbies including fishing. They both love to go out for fishing to the Indian River Inlet Bridge on the weekends. They have about 3 of the best spinning reels for fishing. One extra, in case something bad happens to any of the two while they are fishing.

Nithya then returned to India for a while and worked as a Goa escort there.

Even though not good at studies, Nithya was always a very brave and rebellious girl. Nithya has recently created the prototype of a product that can change the lives of millions after being launched. Nithya is a very far-sighted businessperson.

You will find it funny that Nithya wanted to become a doctor until she failed her high school examinations. Her mother is from the Punjab state of India, while his father is from the Tamil Nadu.

One thing that Nithya doesn’t like about herself is that she gets super-annoyed when someone disturbs her while she is working. If she could change one thing about herself, that would be the one.

After Nithya’s product gets launched, she will arrange a success party at one of the palaces in Rajasthan, India.

Bodybuilder from New York is married to a Welsh Pornstar but prefers fucking Indian masseuses in Goa

06/2/2020 10:59

There is this bodybuilder from New York, who has been selling on eBay part-time for years now and the money that he makes with the same, he uses it all on sexual products like lubricants, cialis, escorts, body to body massage in Goa, etc.

This New York bodybuilder claims that the founder of Apple Inc: the legendary Steve Jobs loved women more than the computers and it will remain a fact no matter what they tell you.

I don’t know if you know about this already or not – some even allege that Steve Jobs was a bisexual who loved men just as much as the women too. Those who make such allegations like to refer to Steve Jobs as Steve Blowjobs.

This New York bodybuilder jokes about he has been saving $10 coins for the future of his children who are yet to be born. He says that he first swipes those coins on the pussy of his wife and then put the same inside the piggy bank.

He recommends listening to the sexy roleplay ASMR videos that put you off to sleep for the men with erectile dysfunction. He claims that it helped him a lot with his ED which he got through steroids back in 2013. His personal favorite is Tara Tainton. He believes that she is one of the most underrated female pornstars ever.

He also believes that the Welsh girls are extremely underrated for their beauty. He adds that overall the ladies belonging to the United Kingdom are underrated, but the Welsh girls are most underrated out of them all followed by their Scottish counterparts.

He is not ashamed to admit that he used to have a crush on his own sister during his teenage years. I really applaud him for his bravery. Most men and women that I know, had crush on their own siblings during their teenage years, but they are really great at hiding it, but not great enough to hide it from someone like myself.