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Bodybuilder from New York is married to a Welsh Pornstar but prefers fucking Indian masseuses in Goa

06/2/2020 10:59

There is this bodybuilder from New York, who has been selling on eBay part-time for years now and the money that he makes with the same, he uses it all on sexual products like lubricants, cialis, escorts, body to body massage in Goa, etc.

This New York bodybuilder claims that the founder of Apple Inc: the legendary Steve Jobs loved women more than the computers and it will remain a fact no matter what they tell you.

I don’t know if you know about this already or not – some even allege that Steve Jobs was a bisexual who loved men just as much as the women too. Those who make such allegations like to refer to Steve Jobs as Steve Blowjobs.

This New York bodybuilder jokes about he has been saving $10 coins for the future of his children who are yet to be born. He says that he first swipes those coins on the pussy of his wife and then put the same inside the piggy bank.

He recommends listening to the sexy roleplay ASMR videos that put you off to sleep for the men with erectile dysfunction. He claims that it helped him a lot with his ED which he got through steroids back in 2013. His personal favorite is Tara Tainton. He believes that she is one of the most underrated female pornstars ever.

He also believes that the Welsh girls are extremely underrated for their beauty. He adds that overall the ladies belonging to the United Kingdom are underrated, but the Welsh girls are most underrated out of them all followed by their Scottish counterparts.

He is not ashamed to admit that he used to have a crush on his own sister during his teenage years. I really applaud him for his bravery. Most men and women that I know, had crush on their own siblings during their teenage years, but they are really great at hiding it, but not great enough to hide it from someone like myself.

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